active_id & active_ids in Odoo

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In this odoo technical tutorial I would like to explain what is active_id and active_ids in odoo  and what is importance active_id in odoo .  how to use it in odoo development( as programmer)

  • In Odoo, each record has an unique identification number which is known as id of that record
  • for example you have created a fresh database and then when you create a Sale Order, so the id of that first sale order will be 1 . then you create second sale order so id of that second sale order will be 2 and so on …
  • in short, each record is linked with an unique id and two records can not have same id, because its unique for each record into table of database
  • Active Id in odoo is nothing but id of a  current record
  • for example you have created a sale order named SO029 and id of SO029 is 30 ,
    So if SO029 is opened at that time in odoo active id is 30
  • look at below screen to understand it better
active id in odoo
  • id can be found in URL if record is opened, for example in above image SO29 is opened so odoo will consider 30 as active id.
  • if you select multiple records from the list view at that time ids of all the records are known as active_ids as you have list of ids.
  • see below image here multiple sale orders are selected
multiple sale order selected in odoo
  • So there is a little difference between active_id and active_ids in odoo
  1. active_id : it represent single current record which is opened on odoo screen  so the  id of that record is active_id
  2. active_ids : it represent multiple record which can be selected  through the list view of odoo and its returns list of ids/records called as as active_ids
  • as a odoo developer you have to often play with ids, because from id of the record you can access all the information about that record
  • So lets learn how to find active_ids and browser that active_ids into particular model


  • in step 1 it will give you active_ids, now you will think in first step we got the active_ids so what is the need of step 2
  • because in step 1 it will give active_ids as integers, and as a developer you can’t do anything with that
  • so you need to browse that active_ids into particular model like ‘sale.order’, ‘purchase.order’ etc
  • with step 2 you will get accurate results
  • after step 2 you have a link to specific record, so you can access all the data of particular record

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