Change name of Existing Menu in Odoo

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In this Odoo Tips Tutorial, I would like to explain how to change name of existing menu in Odoo

  • Sometimes user want to change default menu names  which provided by Odoo based on their needs
  • So  you can change the name of existing menu in odoo  by two ways:
    1. 1.By Inheriting Menu
    2. 2.Directly from Odoo
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1.By Inheriting Menu

  • To change menu’s name by inheritance just follow below syntax and example

Menu Syntax



2.Directly from Odoo interface

  • Name of menu before updation
change menu name in odoo
change menu name in odoo


  • To change the name of menu first of all active the developer mode and then go to the menu as shown below
go to the image in odoo
go to the image in odoo


  • Change the name of menu, and refresh the browser
change menu name
change menu name in odoo


  • Name of menu successfully changed
menu name changed
Change exiting menu in odoo



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