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Hello Odooers, Odoogig and Odoo Lovers,

In this Odoo Tips Tutorial, I would like to explain how to add/manage language in odoo

To add new language / translation in your language in odoo you can follow the below stpes. odoo already contain many language but first how to load the language translation we will discuss it bellow.

Step 1 ) Quick Way to change user language in odoo:

  • Login to odoo database, Navigate to Setting > Users menu . Open a user from view screen which user you want to change language. You will find Language drop down  under the preference  tab on user form view . You can chose  the language from drop down
Change language in odoo
Change language in odoo

Stap 2) Easy way to change user language  in odoo by preference :

  • Login to odoo database, From  Right side corner from under users > change my preferences
  • will appear below window when you can chose language drop down and change the language
Change language in odoo
Change language in odoo

Note : Language drop down will list only those language which you have already imported  in your odoo database otherwise it will show the default language into language field.

3 steps to add new language in odoo:

  • let’s say i want to  add Arabic language to language  list and for that we need to import Arabic language first into odoo database

1.Go to settings and click on Load a translation

Importing new language in odoo
Importing new language in odoo


2.Select your language and click on Load.

Load now language in odoo
Load now language in odoo


3.Language is loaded, click on Close.

Language loaded successfully in odoo
Language loaded successfully in odoo
  • Now Arabic language will be added into the list which you accessed from Settings > Users
  • You can also import other languages by following above 3 staps



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