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In this Odoo Tutorial , i  will explain you how to configure or create product in odoo with all fields explanation.

Product is centre key of every business. But based on business type product and it’s definition will be changed . Wholesale & retailers called product is goods, Consultant called product is service and manufacture called product is raw materials .

From my point of view, Product is nothing but physical or in virtual form which satisfy consumer needs and is received in exchange for money or some other unit of value.

When we think to implementation of erp for any business , The first thing come in mind is their business process and how they dealing with their product So it ‘s very important to configure product each and every details into system.If product is not properly configured then it will creates so many issue and ERP flow is break down.

Let’s start and understand about all fields on odoo product screen

Create Product in odoo, Product Configuration
Create Product in odoo


Product Name :

A product name which we displayed in sales, invoice, purchase and all other screen that refer this specific product. For Example we selling Banana so the product name is Banana

Can be Sold :

It’s falg indicate that this product will be salable and list out into sale orders. When you selling the product you can marke falg as True. Here we selling banana so we leave the option checked.

Can be Purchased:

If we not installing purchase module but still odoo by default show can be purchased flag to let’s you specify whether product is purchased. When you make a purchase order it will list our all product can be purchased in purchase order. Here we also purchasing banana from vendor so we leave the option checked.

Product Type :

In odoo, There are three type of product which is more important for stock management when you are configuring a new product

1. Consumables

2. Stockable

3. Services

1 . Consumable:

A Product for which user don’t want to manage inventory into System but it can be received from supplier or delivered to the customer. it just like a stock of some time of duration.
Examples:- Fruit, Milk, Food …

2. Stockable:

A Product for which user want to manage inventory into system. it will demanded in stock less or more based on it’s defined reordering rule [minimum stock rule] in the system.
Examples:- Computer, shoes, beg

3. Services:

A product for which user want to manage their services But user can’t keep the stock of a service. This type of product will configure when your company is providing any type of services. Examples:- Man Power, a consulting service.

Category : User can setup category based on their business needs.
Category like : Internal, Salable , Psychical, software, etc ..

Internal Reference : A unique number to identify the product or small name of product.

Barcode :A International article number used for product identification

Sale Price : A base price of product which will appear on the sale order. Sale price would be changed based on pricelist or based on variants of product into sale order screen.

Cost Price : A cost price of product which will appear on the purchase order. this fields also utilise on sale order for calculate the margin of product.

Unit of Measure: User can set the default UOM for the product.

Purchase UOM: User can set different UOM for purchase.

Variants : it’s same product with some different attribute form.
like T- Shirt Product and it’s variants T-Shirt Blue, T-shirt Black



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