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As  you  know,  odoo released it’s  new version odoo 12 in October 2018. You can find odoo 12.0 features  in below link

  • Odoo 12.0 Release Notes
  • In this Odoo Tips Tutorial, I would like to explain about How To Install Odoo 12 ((Community version)) on Ubuntu 16.04  in detail with commends.
  • let’s Install Odoo 12.0 Step by Step:-

Below steps to install odoo 12, install odoo 12 on ubuntu, how to install odoo 12, odoo version 12 installation, odoo 12 installation

  • Odoo Github Link :

Step 1

  • You need to first run below commend  on  ubuntu system and  for that open  terminal and type following commend
  • a) Update apt source list

  • b) install update package

  • c) now install git


Step 2

  • Install paython3 (Odoo 12 will use python 3.5)

  • Install Other dependent  package

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Step 3

  • Install saas


Step 4

  • Install PostgreSQL database

  • Create database user for Odoo

  • Create Odoo user and group


Step 5

  • Download Odoo 12 from Github to your system
  • a). make directory in home
    • sudo mkdir home/workplace
  • b).move to  directory
    • cd home/workplace
  • c) Download odoo 12 from Github

  • Once download finished , Just start odoo server
  • a). go to oddo path
    • cd home/workplace/odoo
  • b). run a odoo server

  • To check odoo 12 installation, open your browser and type
  • http://localhost:8069
odoo 12.0 installation
odoo 12.0 installation


I’m available for hire !

For odoo development  email me here:

Some other package for odoo12.0 installation

  • a) Install gdata

  • b) Install wkhtmltopdf


Hope that was helpful.

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  1. Tando Reply

    I thought was going to install the whole day. Thank you very much installation was a success and not long.


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