Odoo13 : where to check or Evaluate

Hello Odooers, Odoogig and Odoo Lovers,

As you know odoo 13 will be releasing on October-2019.if you  want to know what’s new odoo13 features and how it’s look like & where you can check odoo 13 so for all question here  in this Odoo 13 Tutorial, I would like to share with you where to check odoo13 online

  • Follow below steps to check or evaluate odoo 13 online
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1.Go to Odoo Runbot

2.Choose type of Odoo

  • Select community version or enterprise version of Odoo
Select odoo type
Select odoo type


3.Pick a master Build

  • Note : You must have to choose build from the master, because it is the odoo 13
Picking Build
Picking Build


4.Enter Email and Password

  • Usually email and password both are ‘admin/admin’
  • Just type admin in email and admin in password and click on Log In
Logging into Odoo 13
Logging into Odoo 13


5.Evaluate Odoo13 (community edition)

  • You are successfully logged in, now its time to evaluate Odoo 13
Odoo 13
Odoo 13(community edition)


6.Evaluate Odoo13 (enterprise edition)

Odoo 13(enterprise edition)
Odoo 13(enterprise edition)





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