odoo13 -Quick Users Access Rights and Rules

Hello Odooers, Odoogig and Odoo Lovers,

In this Odoo 13 Feature Tutorial, I am going to show you how to easily access particular user’s rights and rules in Odoo 13

  • If you want to know which rights a user have and in which group a user is included then now in Odoo 13 you can directly access all these information from the user’s screen

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1.User’s Screen

odoo 13 User screen
odoo 13 User screen


2.View User’s Groups

Odoo 13 Navigate to user's groups
Odoo 13 Navigate to user’s groups


3.List of User’s Groups

odoo13 User's group list
odoo13 User’s group list


4.View User’s Access Rights

Navigate to user's access rights in odoo13
Navigate to user’s access rights in odoo13


5.List of User’s Access Rights

User's access rights in odoo13
User’s access rights in odoo13


6.View User’s Record Rules

Navigate to user's record rules in odoo13
Navigate to user’s record rules in odoo13


7.List of User’s Record Rules

User's record rules in odoo13
User’s record rules in odoo13





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