Unique Sql Constraints in Odoo

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In this Odoo Tips Tutorial, I would like to explain how to use Unique _sql_constraints in Odoo

  • SQL constraints will add to the table definition into database and implemented by PostgreSQL. it will be define using the class _sql_constraints attribute in odoo
  • In general term Constrain means force to follow some particular action
  • In odoo we use constrain to put some kind of restriction on record.
  • For example, an employee’s identification number must be unique, means two employee can not have a same identification number
  • So putting this type of unique restriction on records, we can use SQL Unique Constrain in odoo
  • SQL is nothing but a database which is used by odoo
  • SQL Unique Constrain will be written into python file as shown in below. it is a list of tuples with constraints name and error message.
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how to write _sql_constraints in odoo 


  •  So now if you try to enter identification number which is already assigned to other employee then system will restrict you with error message. See below screen
Unique sql_constrain in odoo
Unique sql_constrain in odoo


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