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Hello Odooers, Odoogig and Odoo Lovers,

It’s Thursday.! And i’m coming with one more Odoo Technical Tutorial for you.

In this Odoo Techniacl Tutorial I would like to explain what is Domain in odoo and how to use it.

  • As a Odoo programmer sometimes you need to find particular records based on condition  from the model.f you do not know what is model in odoo then first refer this
  • For Example, In model you want to search odoo developer who having a  8 year of experience . so at that time you have to use domain into search() search method of odoo.
  • So it will return records which matches your search and latter you can use this records in further code
  • Domain is a list of tuple, in which you can specify your search condition

Syntax of Domain 

Example of Domain

  • You can use other domain operator also which are:
    • like
    • not like
    • =like
    • ilike
    • not ilike
    • =ilike
    • in
    • not in
    • =
    • !=
    • child_of
    • <
    • <=
    • >
    • >=
  • For using domain just go through below syntax an example

Syntax of using Domain

Example of using Domain filter

Example of using Domain filter with and condition 

Example of using Domain filter with or condition 

Example of using Domain filter with multiple condition or and &


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